Saturday, September 5, 2009

e-DSG - 020909 @ Kajang Buddhist House

Another e-DSG get-together in Buddhist House. This time we discussed Vegetarianism, Religious Significance of Fasting & The Significance of Paritta Chanting. What matters most is how are we going to purify our mind? Well, the answer is simply through Meditation!!!

All UKMBF & UKMBA members are invited to join a Meditation Retreat to be held on 19-21 Sept 2009 at Genting View. For more details, please refer to this invitation below from Bro. Beng Chung.

"I am inviting you and your friends to attend a retreat on mindfullness during the raya period. For beginners, it's a step by step and clear session; and for experienced meditators, you'll find it very refreshing. The programme will be innovative, soothing and down to earth. Just 48 hours of your time and it will bring you very very very ....... far and deep. As for me, nothing beats knowing myself deeper as it allows me to expand and grow beyond what I knew of myself. Do sign up."

For ease of participation, you may pass your cash appreciation through Bro. Beng Chung.
Feel free to call Bro. Beng Chung for more info at: 012-236 1303.

See the email from UKMBA below:
UKMBA is pleased and happy to inform that a mindfulness retreat will be conducted in Genting View, Genting Highlands, Pahang.
Friends and relatives of UKMBA are most welcome. We are also inviting the undergraduates from UKMBF to join us in the cultivation of mindfulness, a path for us to cultivate happiness and
peace which the Buddha has shown many moons ago.

The details of the retreat are:

* Date : 19-21 September, 2009 (Saturday to Monday) (3 days 2 nights)
* Objective : To grasp the practice of Mindfulness in our daily life
* Venue : Genting View, Genting Highlands, Pahang
* Check-in : 3.00 pm (19 Sept)
* Check-out : 1200 pm (21Sept)
* Cost : RM30.00 for UKMBF members (RM 50.00 sponsored by Bro. Beng Chung)
RM150.00 for UKMBA members and friends or relatives
Cost covers meals and lodgings only.

* Participants who need enquiries and transport arrangement please call Sis Ah Lan Tel 0173401960 or Sis Lai Hiang 0126898213



Contact Number:___________________________________________


E-mail Address:____________________________________________

Correspondence Address:____________________________________


Buddhist Organization (if any):________________________________

Reasons for Participating:___________________________________


Previous experience with meditation:___________________________


Submission Date:__________________________________________

Registration ends on 12 September, 2009 (Saturday)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

e-DSG on 4 Aug 2009

For this e-DSG, we had a new speaker, i.e. Bro. Brian Lee. Coincidentally, his brother is Roland Lee of Messengers of Dharma! What a small world!

The sharing by Brian was on how Buddhism changed his course of life. It was in his 1st student year in UKM where he met a girl who was trampling on some ants while waiting for the bus at Kolej Rahim Kajai's bus stop. She was collecting ants as speciments for her Zoology course. Students in Zoology course are usually required to collect many speciments for their studies and research. That involves killing. Although Brian wanted to study Zoology due to his love for animals, he decided to forego it as he doesn't want to commit killing. As a result, he opted for the study of Genetics. Now he works for WWF and he is happy with the decision he makes as he has many opportunities to work on research, including as project manager in overseas project.

Some members shared their opinions on why they choose Buddhism as the religion for them.

All in all, it was an interesting evening.

Added on 9 Aug 2009: Thanks Dwee for highlighting to me the mistake about Bro. Brian Lee's course. The right one is Genetics! *wink*wink* Thanks!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

UKMBF's e-DSG Performed at Dharma Tunes

UKMBF's e-DSG group formed a team to perform at Dharma Tunes concert held at Hilltop Buddhist Association in Kuala Lumpur on last Saturday (1 Aug 2009). The team performed 2 songs, i.e. Brahma of My Heart and Way Out West. Congratulations for the fabulous show!!!

Here are photos taken on that evening:

The 7
From left: Loo Huai Ming, Phong Swee Chien, Jason Choy,
Marilyn Teoh, Gan Jia Cheng, Chong Siao Ting, Chai Suk Thin

From left: Huai Ming & Swee Chien

Marilyn played the keyboard as the group performed Brahma of My Heart.

Taken during soundcheck rehearsal: The group was swaying to the song of Way Out West.

Jason represented UKMBF to receive the certificate of participation from Chief Rev. Saranankara.

Group photo with Yin Ching and Siew Choo before rehearsal started.

Photos of the whole event can be viewed HERE.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

e-DSG on 28 July 2009

This time our e-DSG was held at Marilyn's house in Fasa 4, Bandar Baru Bangi. We practised together the 2 songs (Brahma of My Heart & Way Out West) that we will be performing on this Saturday's Dharma Tunes event at Hilltop Buddhist Association. Do come and support us there!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

e-DSG on 21 July 2009

Last week's e-DSG was our first one for the new term year 2009/10. We had the pleasure to welcome two 1st year students, Chong Siao Ting & Chai Suk Thin to our group. At the same time, it coincides with a birthday celebration. See the photos below to find out whose birthday was it!

Dharma Tunes on 1 Aug , 6.30pm

UKMBF's English DSG group will be performing at Dharma Tunes concert this Saturday, Aug 1 at 6.30pm at Hilltop Buddhist Association in Taman Tan Yew Lai (near Old Klang Road & Puchong interchange).

Do come to support us!!!

For more details of venue, pls go to:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beautiful Friend - A Song Dedication to Sis Gun Lai Hiang

A few of us gathered at Ungku Omar Hostel for a farewell get-together for Sis. Gun Lai Hiang. This is her last semester in UKM as she will be graduating. However, she was not able to join us.* Thus, we all sang this song (an impromptu decision) at the basketball court as our dedication to Sis. Gun Lai Hiang! We love you Gun and gonna miss you! By the way, Hui Sun, Wily and Dwee had to leave earlier to finish up their assignments. They were there at the gathering too.

However, a little bird, in the form of Bro. Gan Jia Cheng, sent a good news to us!! Sis. Lai Hiang will be staying on next semester to do her Masters program!! Yahoo!!! See you back in e-DSG, yah!

Note: * Sis. Lai Hiang thought our e-DSG get-together was scheduled on Weds when it was actually Tues. Ooops......:o)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hymn Singing - Beneath the Bodhi Tree

Hymn Singing - Beneath the Bodhi Tree
Music by: Ng Kang Kee
Lyrics by: Yeoh Pow Li / Daniel Yeo
Performed by: D-Kidz


Siddhartha sat beneath the Bodhi Tree
Tonight His love will set you free
No more sorrow let His wisdom shine
Siddhartha's search shall end tonight

All creatures on earth fled in fright
Only brave Siddhartha sat tight
Defeated Mara by His glory and might
Siddhartha's search shall end tonight


Gods and men sang in delight
"The Teacher of gods nad men has arrived"
Gods and men sang all night
"The Buddha, our Lord has arrived"

Repeat Verse
Repeat Chorus (3x)

The Teacher sat beneath the Bodhi Tree
"The Buddha, our Lord has arrived"

Hymn Singing - My Beautiful Friend - Featuring Bro. Chong Jia Wei

My Beautiful Friend
Music & Lyrics by: Daniel Kwok
Performed by: i.GemZ

Verse 1:

You, my beautiful friend, you bring me joy
With your warm and generous ways
Kalyana Mitra you pull me back
When the road leads me astray
I'll never forget you were there with me
In times of sorrow
I'll promise to stand by you
Today and tomorrow


You, my trusted friend
I'll walk with you till the end
On the path of Freedom
Now and again
My happy beautiful friend
I'll hold your hand
In us we can depend

Verse 2:

Friend, you have all the qualities in you
To show me the meaning of the Truth
And there will be times we won't agree
There may be doubt, uncertainty
I'm sorry I've let you down and
Left you in the shadows
My friend will you turn around?
I'm here with my rainbows

Repeat Chorus (2x)

Kalyana Mitra, please take care of me
We somehow share the same destiny
Kalyana Mitra, I'll take care of you
Beautiful friend, I truly love you.

Hymn Singing - Let Us Share With You

Let Us Share With You
Music & Lyrics by: Chong Su Lim

To all of you who have come so far
We'll show you a guiding hand
So come with us and hand in hand
We'll follow the Buddha's Path

The Noble Way we have to tread
With help along the way
And we'll carry the torch of Truth
To reach the other shore


Let us share with you
All the joy we have found
From Lord Buddha who has shown us the way

Let us share with you
All the joy we have found
From Lord Buddha who has shown us the way

(Repeat entire song)

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